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    Sunday, March 24th, 2013
    9:23 am
    Okay, I do believe...
    .....it's time to open up an account at Dreamwidth. This site never seems to want to load up anymore, and I can't seem to comment on Tanithryudo's posts unless I have an account over there. So I guess I will be making a switch to that site later today.
    Saturday, February 9th, 2013
    8:55 am
    ....this makes me happy. The SKYFALL box office has just edged out that dreadful Batman film from last summer. And the box office run has yet to end. I am very happy to see that this film has had such a great run.
    Monday, January 14th, 2013
    5:16 pm
    ....this was a bit unsettling. I was eating lunch at a buffet place I often go to, and waited on by a nice young man who is an excellent server, and was surprised when I noticed my bill was a couple of bucks cheaper than I expected. Turns out I got the senior citizen discount. The fuck? I am only 53, and most people don't believe me when I tell them that (one of the few somewhat ''nice'' benefits of having Kallman Syndrome). Granted, my hair is quite solidly gray (okay there's a /teeny/ bit of white in there), and the face is kinda weathered, but seriously, this is the first time in my life anyone ever implied I was, uh, like nearly 15 years older than I am. A senior citizen's discount? I argued with the little brat but he said screw it, I am a regular, so I am getting it regardless of whether or not I want it. I feel so fucking weird about this.

    /baffled as to appropriate emotional response/
    Thursday, January 10th, 2013
    5:17 pm
    I am so very disappointed....
    ....to wake up this morning and discover that a very great film (SKYFALL) had been totally snubbed by by the Academy Awards in all major nominations. That was so unfair. This picture deserved recognition at this level. Color me pissed.
    Saturday, December 15th, 2012
    10:50 am
    Saw the....
    ...HOBBIT yesterday. It was more than a little meh. I felt seriously underwhelmed. I won't be going back for any repeat viewings at the theater. This is in a word, a mediocre film at best.

    /annoyed & disappointed/
    Wednesday, July 11th, 2012
    7:53 pm
    Today, for the first time....
    ....in a long while, I made great, and I do mean great progress on my military justice research project. Yesterday, while fucking around with random searches in Google Books, I saw a very glancing reference to an obscure execution by the US Army in 1926. And I do mean obscure. It was a throwaway line in one of those stupid sneak previews that doesn't allow you to read the whole book (or in this case, even the next sentence.

    I had intended to try to track it down at via the public library's collection of old newspaper indexes, but that proved not to be necessary once I found out there is a newspaper archival feature on Google. Not only was I able to scope out multiple articles on the case, I was able to identify two other cases from this time-period. This was very satisfying to me since the Army once told me there were no military executions between the wars. Evidently, these people in the Pentagon don't know their own history at all well. I wish I could say I was surprised.

    Oh well, at least it's nice to know my research skills haven't completely gone to seed.
    Friday, May 4th, 2012
    8:44 pm
    I spent my afternoon...
    ...watching THE AVENGERS. I liked it. A lot. So much so that I think I shall catch it again next week. I'd go tomorrow, but I don't want to be trampled to death by the crowds. It was bad enough I caught the earliest possible screening for a Friday afternoon, came an hour early and there were already fifty people waiting for the doors to open. Theater was packed. I shudder to think of the hordes that will descend on the fim this weekend.
    Thursday, March 29th, 2012
    7:41 pm
    Status report....
    ...met Warren Murphy in chat a couple of days back.

    Warren Murphy has always been one of my favorite authors, what with co-creating the DESTROYER, so i was totally thrilled he took the time to speak to some of his fans. He couldn't tell us much about the current state of negotiations with Amazon Publishing to restart the series, but at least he's giving it his best shot. I was completely blown away when he confirmed a theory of mine about his inspiration for the Destroyer. I had long suspected him of ''borrowing'' ideas wholesale from a dreadful little book called ZEN COMBAT which came out a year before the Destroyer was created (way back in 1963). Mr. Murphy not only admitted he used that book as source material but said he still had his original copy sitting in his study! Go me for my mad skills as a literary detective.

    Other news....not too much to report. Still working on me-time before I resume job hunting. Boy, did I ever need this time off. I shoulda done this years ago.

    Gonna catch WRATH OF THE TITANS tomorrow when it opens. Hopefully, my time and money won't be completely wasted. I just can't pass up a Greek myth-themed movie.
    Monday, January 30th, 2012
    8:08 am
    Status update...
    ...resigned from my current job this morning. I shall be unemployed in four days time. I plan to take the next month off before I even think about going back to work. I don't plan to miss my old job one damned bit.
    Sunday, December 25th, 2011
    7:47 am
    Merry Christmas...
    ...to C & T!.

    Still alive. Work killing me. Otherwise, nothing new to report.

    Take care, everyone.
    Monday, October 17th, 2011
    12:13 am
    If memory serves me....
    ...today a certain young lady of my virtual acquaintance is only a year away from turning a dreaded thirty years of age. How I will relish making fun of her a year from now. But for now, I shall have to make do with this. Happy birthday, tanithryudo!
    Saturday, July 16th, 2011
    11:27 pm
    In my good deed....
    ...for today, I returned an engagement ring lost by one of mu customers. Another honest soul had found it in the bathroom and handed in to me, It looked fairly valuable what with being made of silver and having a nice gemstone and all, so when a young lady came running into the store in tears, I knew who it must belong to. She was extremely grateful to get it back. I was happy to be of service since I can only imagine the pain she would have felt if it had gone missing forever. So much for the dolts who say I have no romance in me. :p
    Monday, July 11th, 2011
    11:42 am
    Just one more...
    ...day, and copy of A DANCE WITH DRAGONS shall be in my hands.

    How slowly the hours are crawling by until that moment!
    Saturday, May 21st, 2011
    8:43 am
    I know I'm...
    ...a day late and a dollar short, but rest assured, I did not forget about yesterday.

    Happy birthday to my dear friend cashew!
    Friday, April 29th, 2011
    8:50 am
    Well, I'll be god-damned...
    ...George Martin managed to finish writing a Dance Of Dragons. With publication scheduled a mere two and a half months away, he sure as fuck cut it close to the wire. I never thought I'd see that book get finished. Six years it took him (actually nine because parts of it were started in 2002 or thereabouts) since his last book came out. This book had better be the best thing since the invention of sliced bread or I will not be a happy camper.
    Sunday, February 6th, 2011
    5:51 pm
    And in other news....
    ...even though the HEROES (a fantasy novel by British author Joe Abercrombie) won't be coming out in this country until April, and in fact was only released in the UK a few days ago, is already available for sale in the US thanks to Amazon Export Sales. I took advantage of that. My copy should arrive this week. Joe is a fantastic new talent, and I have been waiting for the book for nearly two years. I just couldn't pass up a chance to grab it two months ahead of schedule.
    5:42 pm
    It looks like...
    ....my insurance settlement for the car accident will be coming through soon. I should be fully compensated for the income I lost back in Decemeber, plus getting a couple grand on top of that for my trouble. I probably could have gotten a better deal, but I really prefer to have the matter wrapped up as soon as possible. I wasn't badly hurt and the other guy was tagged as being totally at fault. I don't see any need to prolong the thing just to squeeze out a few extra bucks out of the insurance company.
    Wednesday, January 19th, 2011
    9:21 am
    It ain't bad enough that I got....
    ....hit by a car last month. This month (on Sunday), I slipped on some ice and managed to sprain my wrist. Fortunately, it wa a fairly minor sprain but it still hurt like a bastard. And to add insult to injury, yesterday, I got the bill for my ride in the ambulance after the car accident.

    395 fucking dollars for a fifteen minute ride. What ever happened to that allegedly free Canadian health care I have heard so much about?

    Saturday, January 8th, 2011
    9:59 pm
    I'm like....
    ...drowning in white fluffy stuff in Edmonton's biggest snowstorm in years. It's been snowing nonstop since yesterday and it just keeps coming. I do not look forward to shoveling that shit. Regrettably, since I am now recovered from my recent accident, I can't get out of it by claiming medical disability.
    Wednesday, December 15th, 2010
    5:30 pm
    I'm off work...
    ...all this week on account of being hit by a car on Monday.

    Yeah, you read that right.

    I was walking to work on Monday morning. I had a green light at an intersection. I had a green walk sign. I was in the total right of way. This did not stop a guy from failing to yield. He wasn't traveling very fast, so I was only knocked off my feet. He promptly stopped so he and his passenger could render assistance. Three bystanders also leaped to the rescue. I could barely stand up and was sure I'd hit my head on the ground, so they called in the police and an ambulance. A police car, two ambulances and two fire trucks were there in less than five minutes.

    Anyhow, to make a long story short, they dragged me away to a local hospital. Of course, it wasn't remotely near my house. I spent three hours in emergency. That's lightning fast for an Edmonton city ER these days. I broke nothing, apparently didn't suffer a head injury, but my knee is all bruised to hell. I'm off work for at least a week. Since I'm on crutches, I feel trapped in my own home since it's agony to navigate the stairs so I stay in my bedroom (and my roomies give me hell if I don't stay put). Thank god the guy was insured. I might actually be reimbursed for the income I'm currently losing by my enforced vacation.

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