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Thursday, March 29th, 2012

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    Status report....
    ...met Warren Murphy in chat a couple of days back.

    Warren Murphy has always been one of my favorite authors, what with co-creating the DESTROYER, so i was totally thrilled he took the time to speak to some of his fans. He couldn't tell us much about the current state of negotiations with Amazon Publishing to restart the series, but at least he's giving it his best shot. I was completely blown away when he confirmed a theory of mine about his inspiration for the Destroyer. I had long suspected him of ''borrowing'' ideas wholesale from a dreadful little book called ZEN COMBAT which came out a year before the Destroyer was created (way back in 1963). Mr. Murphy not only admitted he used that book as source material but said he still had his original copy sitting in his study! Go me for my mad skills as a literary detective.

    Other news....not too much to report. Still working on me-time before I resume job hunting. Boy, did I ever need this time off. I shoulda done this years ago.

    Gonna catch WRATH OF THE TITANS tomorrow when it opens. Hopefully, my time and money won't be completely wasted. I just can't pass up a Greek myth-themed movie.

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